Shabab Alahli losses against Alwahda

Shabab Alahli lost against Alwahda 1-0 in the matchweek 21 of the Arabian Gulf League, at Shabab Alahli stadium in Alawir on Wednesday.
Despite the loss Shabab Alahli maintained the second spot with 41 points, while Alwahda moved to the fifth place with 34 points.
Leonardo Desoza scored the lone goal for the visitors in the 17th minute, after Shabab Alahli defense tried to clear the ball from inside the box.
In the second half Shabab Alahli intensified their attempts to equalize, the home side made two changes to strengthen the front, Ayouvi and Ahmed Jashk came in the place of Ismail Alhammadi and Abdullah Alnagbi, the hosts continued their strike but the result didn’t changed and the match ended 1-0 for Alwahda.

Shabab Alahli line up
Majed Naser Humaid, Abdulaziz Haikal, Mohammad Sebil Obaid, Mohammed Marzooq Abdulla, Walid Abbas, Abdalla Ali Hassan (Ahmed Jashk), Emiliano Vecchio, Mauro Diaz, Waled Husain Hassan, Ismail Al Hammadi (Ayouvi), Ahmed Khalil

Shabab Alahli vs Alwahda Pre-match Press Conference

Shabab Alahli head coach Rodolfo Arruabarrena, admitted that the match against Alwahda in the matchweek 21 of the Arabian Gulf League will not be easy.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the Argentina coach stressed the need to be in full readiness to face the challenge and fight to secure the three points to maintain the current ranking.

The coach pointed out that the team succeeded to reach the second spot in the table, stating that this is a result of hard work; he praised the efforts of the players, promising to continue working hard to achieve the desired goals.

“We are focusing on the upcoming matches, we have no time to think about anything else, our priority is to prepare the team for the league and the final of the UAE President’s Cup” he said.

About the injured players, the coach revealed:  “Majed Hassan and Salmin Khamis are in the recovery stage, in all cases of injuries always we have a final training before the game to monitor the player to see if he is ready or not”.

From his side, Ahmed Jeshk, who accompanied the coach at the press conference, described Alwahda as one of the strong teams in the league, indicating that there is no difficult or easy game, confirming that all players are ready to get the three points.

Shabab Alahli Organizes Female Jujitsu Championship

Shabab Alahli had organizes female jujitsu championship with participation of 73 players from different age categories.  

The games were played in the presence of HE Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Chairman of the board of directors of the Sports Games Sector at Shabab Alahli Club, Majed Sultan, member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Sports Games Sector, Majed Ahli Board of Directors and Executive Director of Sports Games Sector, and Samira Almazmi the championship director.

Shabab Alahli maintains the second spot

Shabab Alahli maintained the second place in the league table with 41 points, after beating Alwasl 4-2 in the matchweek 20 of the Arabian Gulf League, at Zabeel stadium Friday night.

The winning is the fourth for Shabab Alahli over Alwasl in the current season.

Ismail Hammadi opened the score for the visitors in the 35th minute, and Louvanor made it 2-0 in the 43rd, and after 10 minutes from the start of the second half, Alwasl awarded a penalty and Caio scored the first goal for his side.

Shabab Alahli came back to score the third goal in the 77th minute through Ahmed Khalil, while Louvanor added the fourth goal in 84th minutes.

Just two minutes to the final whistle Matthaus de Silva scored the second goal for Alwasl to make it 4-2.


Shabab Alahli line up

Majed Nasser, Mohamed Marzouq, Mohamed Sabeel, Abdelaziz Haikal, Walid Abbas, Majed Hassan  (Walid Hussein), Emiliano, Mauro Diaz (Abdullah Al Naqbi), Ismail Al Hammadi (Ahmad Jeshk), Louvanour, Ahmed Khalil.

Shabab Alahli wins Dibba and move to the 2nd place

Shabab Alahli moved to the second spot in the league table with 38 points, after winning Dibba 3-1  in the 19th matchweek of the Arabian Gulf League at Shabab Alahli stadium in Alawir Friday evening. Dibba remained in the bottom of the table with 8 points.

Mauro Diaz opened the score for the home side in 34th minute, from long distance shoot, while Ahmed Yusuf leveled the score for the visitors just two minutes to the end of the first half.

In the second half Shabab Alahli added two more goals, by Walid abbas in the 50th minute, and Ahmed Khalil in the 56th minute.

Shabab Alahli line up

Majed Nasser, Mohammed Marzouq, Abdel Aziz Haikel (Mohamed Ismail), Walid Abbas, Mohamed Sbeil, Walid Hussein, Emiliano, Mauro Diaz (Ismail Hammadi), Ahmed Khalil, Ahmed Abdullah Jeshk , Louvanour (Abdallah Al Naqbi).

Shabab Alahli vs Dibba Pre Match Press Conference

Shabab Alahli head coach Rodolfo Arruabarrena, confirmed that his team is ready for the 19th matchweek of the Arabian Gulf League, against Dibba on Friday at Alawir Stadium, stressing the need to win.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference, the coach explained that the game will be tough, because the opponent will fight to get the three points to escape the relegation zone, which makes the game more difficult.

Rodolfo stated that  Shabab Alahli must focus on the matches that await the team in the coming weeks and said: “am not thinking about the future now, we currently concentrate on the next games in the league, besides preparing the team for the final of the UAE President’s Cup”.

“We have to work hard, and collect more points to achieve the goals set in the two competitions” he added.

Shabab Alahli midfielder Emiliano, who accompanied the coach at the press conference, stated that such matches are always difficult since each team has his own goals.

“In this season we have goals that we must fight for, as players, we have full confidence in ourselves and in the technical staff, and we will keep on fighting to achieve our goals,” he said.

Shabab Alahli Organizes Player’s Media Training Workshop

Shabab Alahli club in collaboration with PLC, organized media training workshop for the players on, it was attended by 58 players from the first team and Under 21 team, and their technical and administrative staff.

The workshop organized at the premises of the club in Al Awir, as per UAE and AFC club Licensing Regulations for the season 2019-2020.

The lectures covered topics such as handling the different types of media outlets and the standards for live and pre-recorded TV interviews. The lectures also touched on the importance of media in a player’s career, handling social media networks and other relevant topics.

Shabab Alahli vs Kalba pre-match press conference

Shabab Alahli head coach Rodolfo Arruabarrena held the pre-match press conference heading to 18th matchweek of the Arabian Gulf League, against Kalba next Friday at Kalba stadium.

Arruabarrena explained that the team returns to the League after tough games in the President’s Cup and Arabian Gulf Cup, adding that they will face a strong team usually plays better at home seeking to achieve a good result.

The coach promised to continue working hard to enhance the chances of the team in the Arabian Gulf League, pointing out that there are still nine games remaining, stressing the importance to focus and put more efforts in the coming matches.

Rodolfo said: “am happy with the good performance of the young players who had featured with the team in the last games. I advise them to continue working hard, what they showed reflects the big efforts in the academy and junior teams”.

From his side Saod Abdul Razzaq, who accompanied the coach at the press conference, said the match is important for the team, he added: “we can’t relax, we must be in full concentration, and we still have the chance to fight for the league title, just we keep on fighting and winning”

Shabab Alahli wins Arabian Gulf Cup

Shabab Alahli crowned as champions of the Arabian Gulf Cup, after beating Alwahda 3-1 in the final match at Hazaa Bin Zayed Stadium Friday night.

Shabab Alahli took the lead through Lovanour in 40th minute, and  Leonardo leveled the score for Alwahda in the last minute of the first half.

The result didn’t change in the second half, the match went to extra time, and Ayovi scored twice for Shabab Alahli in 98 and 107 minute.

Shabab Alahli became first team to win A G Cup four times after they were the champions of 2012-2014 and 2017. And the club is now the permanent owners of the cup.

Shabab Alahli was crowned in the presence of Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, Talal Al Shenqiti, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee, Abdullah Nasser Al Junaibi, Chairman of the Professional League Committee and Ibrahim Abdul Malik, Board Member of Shabab Alahli  Club.

Shabab Alahli lineup:

Majed Nasser, Mohammed Marzouq, Walid Abbas, Abdul Aziz Haikal (Mohammed Sabeel), Abdul Aziz Al Kaabi, Majed Hassan, Emiliano, Saud Abdul Razzaq, (Mauro Diaz,) Mohamed Juma (Ismael Alhammadi) Ahmed Khalil (Ayoyi) Louvnour.

Shabab Alahli to President’s Cup final

Shabab Alahli booked their place in the UAE President’s Cup final to face Aldhafra, after trashing Alwasl 5-1 in the semifinal match at Al Maktoum stadium on Friday.

Alwasl took the lead from the penalty spot by Caio Kanedo  in the 22nd minute, and Walid Abbas equalized for Shabab Alahli in 45+2 minute, in the second half Shabab Alahli added four goals, Luvanour in 54, Mauro Diaz in the 65th minute, Majed Hassan in the 80th minute and substitute Ayovi in the 87th minute.

Shabab Alahli started the match with early massive attack, with a powerful shot from Ahmed Khalil denied by Alwasl goalkeeper.

The referee awarded a penalty for Alwasl and Caio Kanedo opened the score in 22nd minute.

In the dying minutes of the first half, Walid Abbas leveled the score for Shabab Alahli, ending the first half with a 1-1 .

In the second half, Shabab Alahli dominated the match, and Luvanour scored the second goal in 54 minute after receiving a brilliant pass from Majed Hassan.  11 minutes later Mauro Diaz made it 3-1.

The referee awarded a second penalty for Alwasl and Majed Nasser blocked the shot from Caio to keep the score unchanged.

Shabab Alahli appeared to be more offensive in the final ten minutes, and Majed Hassan scored the fourth goal in the 80th minute with a long-range shot, while substitute Ayouvi added the fifth in 87th minute.

Shabab Alahli will face Aldhafra in the final after the late qualified with a 2-1 win over Sharjah.


Shabab Alahli lineup:

Majid Nasser, Mohammed Marzouq, Walid Abbas, Mohamed Sabeel, Abdel Aziz Haikal, Majed Hassan, Mauro Diaz (Walid Hussein), Emiliano, Ismail Hammadi (Ahmed Jeshk), Luvinour, Ahmed Khalil (Ayouvi).

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Mohammad Ali
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