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About the club

Inspired to build our legacy as a prominent football club in Dubai United Arab Emirates, with a big vision and long-term goals aiming to develop professional sports with huge range of athletic coaching and diverse facilities. Competitively looking to establish success over the coming years, we have high commitment and passion for sports in general & football in particular.

As we offer you an exclusive experience and benefits, we would like to thank you and extend a very warm welcome to enjoy our hospitality tailored to enhance our guests’ match experience. It is always our pleasure to welcome you with pride, Enjoy your boundless privileges at Shabab Alahli-Dubai Club.

We are Shabab Alahli-Dubai FC, on 15th May 2017 His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid, Vice President & Prime Minister of the UAE & ruler of Dubai, decreed the merging of Al Shabab Al Arabi Club, Al Ahli Club & Dubai Club into one entity called ” Shabab Alahli Dubai FC”. The Club was Founded: 1958 ” 59 years ago as AL AHLI club”.

In September 2017, The Professional League Committee “PLC” agreed to grant Shabab Alahli-Dubai FC the right to place two stars over the club’s logo on the jersey the team will wear in this season’s matches after the adoption of the three tournaments achieved by Al Shabab Al Arabi Club to add to the seven
championships achieved by Al Ahli Club to become the number of championships that achieved by Shabab Alahli-Dubai FC to 10.

Provide and develop well-organized professional sports suitably structured to accommodate high level of play adequate with our players individual ability, potential, and interest while we promote a positive ports culture that “Honors the Game” for all players.
To be the most established and outstanding exceling team to compete on local, regional and continental level.

Our Values

  • Commitment & Innovation
  • Fair Competition
  • Cooperation & Teamwork
  • Pride & Glory
  • Infinite tendernes


  • Promote the sports process and support the UAE football opportunities that must
    be supported by major teams who will achieve achievements worthy for the
    name of the State in all forums and within the largest Tournaments.



  • League Champions

    1974-1975 , 1975-1976 , 1979-1980 , 1989-1990 , 1994-1995 , 2005-2006 , 2007-2008 ,

    2008-2009 , 2013-2014 , 2015-2016

  • Cup

    2010-2011 , 2011-2012 , 2013-2014 , 2016-2017

  • Super Cup

    2009/10 , 2013/14 , 2014/15 , 2016/17

  • President’s Cup

    1974-1975 , 1976-1977 , 1977-1978 , 1980-1981 , 1989-1990 , 1993-1994 , 1995-1996 ,

    1996-1997 , 2001-2002 , 2003-2004 , 2007-2008 , 2012-2013

Mohammad Ali
Ahmad Khaled
Omar Mohammad
Mohammad Ali
Ahmad Khaled
Omar Mohammad

Shabab Alahli