Our Mission, Vision and Value

Our Objective

  1. Developing and following educational and athletic programs, aiming at discovering the talented young players and training them according to the latest methods and programs, in order to create generations of players, who have sport morals, physical fitness and football skills.
  2. Reaching the highest levels of physical, professional, psychological and cultural training for the Academy’s affiliated players.
  3. Developing and upgrading the football sector for different age groups, in order to find continuous tributaries for the first team and national teams.
  4. Building the professional mentality and applying professionalism to all participants whether players, administrators or technical experts in all age groups.
  5. Having the necessary sports infrastructure, advanced programs and experienced professionals in accordance with the highest international standards for academies.

Our Mission

The intellectual, mental and physical formation of young players with a high level of professionalism, in order to provide the club with successive generations of stars. Furthermore, the Academy organizes and supports social, cultural, scientific, educational and athletic activities of the club members and their visitors.

Our Values

  • Commitment to the best practices and taking responsibilities.
  • Achievement in planning, implementation and reaching goals.
  • Teamwork and team spirit.
  • Credibility in words & deeds.
  • Innovation in the techniques of preparation, training and education.
  • Persistence in facing challenges and difficulties.

Our Vision

Creation of the sports educational environment, which incubates buds & cubs to raise stars and heroes, builds bodies and develops skills and brains to lead them towards globalism and professionalism.

Mohammad Ali
Ahmad Khaled
Omar Mohammad
Mohammad Ali
Ahmad Khaled
Omar Mohammad

Shabab Alahli