Shabab Alahli champion of the league lounges

Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Sharjah Sports Council, yesterday evening, the youth team of Al-Ahli Club, champion for the tenth edition of the football league halls of the season 2018-2019 after Al-Shabab Al-Ahly tied with Dibba Al-Hisn 3-3 in the big game, which took place at the stadium Dibba Al Hisn Club Lounge in the Eastern Region and Al Ahli youth players won gold medals and General League Shield.

The ceremony was attended by Issa Hilal Al Hazami, Secretary General of Sharjah Sports Council, Abdulmalik Jani, Member of Sharjah Sports Council, Chairman of the Futsal Executive Committee, Khamis Khasaw, Chairman of Dibba Al Hisn Club, Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, President of Al Ahli Youth Club, and Majid Sultan Bin Sulaiman, Executive Director. For the games of Al – Ahli Youth and Imran Abdullah Al – Naimi Secretary – General and competitions supervisor and Saeed Al – urgent and Abdullah Al – Shehhi and fought Al – Rumaithi members of the futsal committee and Hamad Al – Marri supervisor of Al – Ahli Youth Club.

Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Qasimi praised the efforts of the Executive Committee of Futsal, headed by Abdulmalik Jani, for his hard work in advancing the game. Distinguished in all respects, the title was confused between the two teams until the last second of the meeting and also praised the good organization and directing of the family of Dibba Al Hisn and the game clubs in general thanks to the cooperation and solidarity between all parties to the game under the umbrella of the Executive Committee and Council of Sharjah and the follow-up partnership and the Football Association and wished the committee game success, prosperity and progress time.

Catch the conclusion

The game of Dibba Al-Hisn with its guests Shabab Al-Ahli held the end of the tenth season league and came to the top of the tender and exertion of the players of the two teams and was no less exciting and friendly than the first match, which took place last Saturday at Saeed Bin Maktoum Stadium in Al-Ahli Youth Club 4-3 Tied in the return 3-3, becoming the only unbeaten team in the playoff and win the title well-deserved thanks to the coherence of lines and the collective brilliance of the players of his team.

The final match was exciting and quick and the home side progressed to a goal by Wael Mohammed Khamis and Ahmed Hussein Bani Hammad equalized to end the first half draw 1-1 and Abdullah Saif added a penalty shootout for Dibba Al Hisn 2-1 after 24 seconds after the start of the second half to ignite the game and increase the strength and speed and excitement Until Rashed Al Hinai managed to modify the result for Al Ahli 2-2, taking advantage of the rebound from the arms of Asim Hilal with a brilliant shot by Rashid Obaid.

Dibba Al Husn’s technical team was quick to resort to the PowerPlay method in the last 4 minutes of the meeting and paid a high price when it conceded the third goal from a typical rebound which was also led by Rashid Obaid. Rashed Al Hinai scored the third goal and a minute and a half later, The result was 3-3, after which he tried to score the goal to return to the atmosphere of the tournament, but the time did not help to end the game, which was in the status of a win for Al-Ahli youth team, which celebrated its players and technical staff in the championship and carried players coach Abdallah Abdel Basset and his assistant Dutchman Khaled Hamdaoui Moroccan origin Hug amid the shouts of Al-Ahli fans that filled the runway fully allocated to them and deserved the arbitration crew led by the duo Ibrahim Al-Mansour and Ibrahim Al-Marzouqi and assistants Jassim Idi third referee and Jacob Hammadi referee Mikati and Nasser Al-Marzouki referee fifth of all praise.

One of the ironies that accompanied the playoffs in the Futsal Youth League was Al Ahly third in the standings with 30 points from 9 wins, 4 losses and 3 draws. The first and second rounds finished first and second with 40 points and draw in 4 games and did not lose any games. In front of victory in the first game and win it my goal Abdullah Al Khamri is the best player in the playoff of all time, who was the top scorer in the league in conjunction with Abdullah Al Hosani of Dibba Al Hisn.

It is noteworthy that Al-Khumri scored 6 goals for Al-Ahli youth in the (Play-off) two goals in the net of victory and a goal in the net Btaah and Hattrick in the net Dibba Al Hisn in the first leg did not score in the return and scored Rashid Al Hinai 3 goals one in Al Bataeh and 3 in the net Dibba Al Hosn against a goal by Ali Al Khamri And another for Ahmed Hussein Bani Hammad and a goal for Ahmed Al-Fardan in the net of slows and emerged from the youth of Ahli very eye-catching Ali Al-Khamri, who formed a harmonious duo with his cousin Abdullah Al-Khamri, as Rashid Obaid and Omar Abdul Sattar in the guard and Walid Bishr, Hussein Malallah and Hashem Zaraa.


Essa Hilal Al Hazami, Secretary General of Sharjah Sports Council, congratulated Al Ahli youth club, management, players and fans, on the tenth edition of the Futsal Championship, and wished Dibba Al Hisn and the rest of the teams more luck in the upcoming tournaments. Hilal praised the high technical level of the match, and also praised the referee and the large audience that filled the hall of Dibba Al Hisn Club.

Jani: We aspire to include all the clubs in the professional league
Abdelmalek Jani, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Futsal, expressed his happiness at the high technical level of the league games in its tenth season, and said: «enough that the title was on the pitch until the last second». “The game was a lot of fun and aesthetics, and motivated the players to do their best.” He also paid tribute to the refereeing team, who provided outstanding standards during their management of the match.

“We have to work together to have a futsal team in every professional club, especially Sharjah, Al Wasl, Al Ain, Al Jazira, Al Wahda, Bani Yas, UAE, Fujairah and Dibba Al Fujairah,” Jani said. Futsal doesn’t need a big budget.

He added: “Congratulations to Al Ahli youth and Hardlik for Dibba Al Hisn, and praised the arrangements of the Dibba Al Hosn Club for the closing ceremony, and thanked the management headed by Khamis Khasaw for the good direction and organization, and also praised the media for the outstanding attendance and daily coverage of the futsal competitions. The Federation Cup and the General League, and we have the UAE Cup and the President’s Cup in the grip of the end of the season ».

Makers achievement happy shield, said Abdullah Abdul Basit, the National Youth team coach: I thank the players and management efforts of large and stand behind the team, and dedicate accomplishment to my mother, while Abdullah russet top scorer in the league with 15 goals , said: We are determined and Taahidna to achieve the completion of presenting him to manage the club ‘s fans, and Lovina “Thank you to all the players and to the technical and administrative staff,” said manager Abdullahi Keddi.

Mohamed Al-Marri: I became a big fan of the Futsal Ball. Major General Mohamed Ahmed Al-Marri, president of the collective games company at Al-Ahli Youth Club, expressed his great happiness with the completion of the futsal team. It is a game of small details and frankly became a fan of reel lounges.

Al-Marri added: “ Our team deserved the tournament well and all thanks to the technical and executive management of the team. ‘ For Ahli youth on the great and worthy achievement.