These Ground Regulations are issued by Shabab Alahli Football Club, a club registered in UAE with PO Box: 1551 Near, Al Mulla Plaza Al Qusais,

Dubai, UAE.

You can contact us via the phone number or address above.

1- The Club management reserves the right of granting the entering permission to the Stadium, as well the right to refusing the entry of any person to (or ejection from) the Stadium, additionally the club management have the right that may lead to further action by the Club, including but not limited to, the withdrawal of any season ticket (without reimbursement), Club Membership and other benefits.

2- All matches will be played in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association and the Football League/ UAE PRO League and the Laws of the Game, and with such rules and regulations as the Club may make from time to time.

3- The pro league maintains the right to alter the match fixtures at any time, without prior notice, so there is no certainty that the game will take place on the specified day or at the specified time..

4- In the event of a match being postponed or abandoned, any refund of admission charge will be at the sole discretion of the Platinum List or in accordance with the Club’s Customer regulations and must be made in accordance with the time limitations for such refund, the details of which are obtainable from the Shabab ALAHLI Ticketing Department. Persons entering the Stadium are advised to retain their ticket stub, as this may be required to be produced at a later date

5- Additionally, the Club management has the right to forbid entry into the Stadium or to remove anyone who objects to being searched by a police officer, steward, or other servant or agent of the Club.

6- There are designated areas that are only for home or visiting supporters to utilize. These areas are clearly marked, and any supporters who try to enter the incorrect area risk having their entry denied or being taken out of the stadium.

7- All visitors to the stadium are required to have a valid match ticket or season card or to pay the admission fee. Unless directed differently by a steward or other authorised Club representative, individuals who are given a ticket for a certain seat are required to take that seat.

8- The Stadium is not allowed to have fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, laser devices, air horns, knives, bottles, glass vessels, cans, poles, dangerous or hazardous things, or any other items that could be used as weapons or endanger public safety. Anybody found in possession of such things will either be sent away from the stadium or denied access.

9- Bottles of any description may not be taken into seated viewing areas of the Stadium.

10- The moving from one area of the Stadium to another without the permission of a Steward, Police Officer or other authorised agent of the Club is strictly forbidden.

11- The use of threatening, foul or abusive language or behaviour is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and/or ejection from the Stadium. The Club may impose a ban for one or more matches and/or the removal of season ticket(s) and/or Club membership for any such behaviour.

12- Abuse, yelling, or harassing that is racist, or discriminating is strictly prohibited and can lead to an arrest or expulsion from the stadium. Anybody who is given an official caution or is found guilty in a court of law of committing an offence involving racist behaviour or abuse directed against any player, official, or fan shall be permanently barred from all upcoming football games at the stadium..

13- If someone is given an official caution or is found guilty in a court of law of committing an offence involving racist, or religious behaviour, the Club has the authority to ban them. The Club reserves the right to prohibit anyone who disobeys these ground rules or who has been removed from the Stadium from attending any future games or events held there.

14- It is not permitted to smoke in ANY area of the stadium, including with electronic cigarettes, vape pens, or any other smoking equipment. In the event that this rule is broken, violators will be subject to the Club’s disciplinary procedures, which could result in their being expelled out of the stadium and/or lead to other possible actions by the Club, such as the cancellation of any season tickets (without reimbursement) and other benefits.

15- It is strictly banned to climb any stands or other structures within the stadium. Anybody who consistently violates this rule will be asked to leave the stadium.

16- Flags and/or banners larger than those with dimensions of 2m x 1m and/or of an offensive nature are not permitted in the Stadium.

17- Any person found damaging or defacing the property of the Club will be prosecuted.

18- Anyone who is guilty of insulting or improper conduct towards the match officials will be removed from the Stadium.

19- Tickets are not transferable and may not be offered for sale without the prior written permission of the Club or otherwise in accordance with the relevant ticket terms and conditions.

20- Mobile phones and other portable electronics are allowed inside the stadium AS LONG AS: (i) they are used only for personal and private purposes (which, to be clear, does not include taking pictures, logging, recording, transmitting, playing, issuing, showing, or communicating any other information about any Material for any commercial purposes); and (ii) no information taken with a mobile device or other portable electronics may be published or otherwise made available to any third parties, including, without limitation, social networking sites.

21- Only individuals who have been expressly given written permission by the Club administration are allowed to bring sponsorship, promotional, or marketing materials into the Stadium, with the exception of official club items and/or other football-related apparel worn in good faith. Furthermore, without the express written consent of the Club’s administration, no one may offer (for free or for sale) or distribute any newspaper, magazine, advertising material, or other literary article of any kind on Club property.

22- Individuals who disobey directions from a steward, police officer, or other club authorised representative will be removed from the premises.

23- By entering the Stadium, all visitors agree that they could be photographed, recorded, or have stills from a video taken of them. These images and/or recordings could also be used, for example and without limitation, in televised match coverage or by the Club, any Football Authority, or their commercial partners for marketing, training, or promotional purposes. Entering the stadium signifies that everyone has given their permission for their image to be used in this way.


24- A person’s admission to this stadium is dependent upon their acceptance of these ground rules, as well as the rules and regulations of the football league/FA UAE PRO LEAGUE, the football association, and the football league. THEY WILL BE QUALIFIED ACCEPTED UPON THEIR ENTRY INTO THE STADIUM.