Shabab al Ahli dubai successfully managed to maintain fifth place in the rankings

Shabab al Ahli dubai successfully managed to maintain fifth place in the rankings, and increase the gap between him and Sharjah by 5 points before his match against Al-Jazeera today after his winning over Al-Dhafra 2-1,At Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium in Dhafra in  Arabian Gulf League.

Shabab al Ahli dubai have played a strong match despite the many absences in the team which reached 10 players, The first half was quiet, The rush to end the attacks correctly, while the attempts of  Shabab Al Ahli through Makiti Diop who was able to threaten the goal of Zayed Hammadi in more than one occasion. The most dangerous was in the 44th minute, but Hammadi had a lookout. 

At the start of the second half, Diop passed a ball in front of Al Dhafra goalkeeper , Walid Ambar’s strong shot in the net of Zayed Al Hammadi’s goal, Announcing the first goal for  Shabab al ahli .

Serjev missed the most serious attack of Al-Dhafra, Hassan Hamza was successfully dealing with the ball in full solo , where Jojica in participation of Saeed Alkhatiri and Ali Ibrahim  did to increase the offensive effectiveness.

He had what he wanted, as  Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hammadi scored the equalizer goal with a beautiful header.  After the draw, Shabab Al Ahli Dubai did not wait long to advance & score.

Eric Antti shot strong direct kick to announce the second goal for Shabab ahli Dubai

Mehdi Ali coach of Shabab Al Ahli said that he wished success to Al-Dhafra in his next match and thanked his players who made a great match.

The Coach explained that the team faced difficult conditions in the absence of 10 important players for different circumstances, including suspensions and injury, On the other hand, he praised the young players Abdul Aziz Al Kaabi, Saud Balrazak and the rest of their colleagues who did well until we scored the first goal and after the draw they came back strongly and scored the second goal.