Shabab Al-Ahly and Nissan Signing Ceremony For The Season 2022-2023

Shabab Al-Ahly and Nissan renew the strategic partnership agreement for the third year in a row ..

Shabab Al-Ahly Club and “Nissan” from “Arabian Automobiles” renewed the strategic partnership agreement that brings them together for the third year in a row, in a ceremony in which the two parties celebrated the achievements they achieved together during their effective partnership.
The signing ceremony was attended by a number of representatives of the club, most notably His Excellency Khalifa Saeed Sulaiman, Member of the Board of Directors, His Excellency Lieutenant General Muhammad Ahmed Al Marri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sports Games, His Excellency Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqeeti, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sports Games, and Dr. Khaled Al Zahid, Administrative Director and Abdul Latif Al Sayegh, Head of Media and Marketing Consultant.
The signing ceremony was also attended by Khaled Abdul Wahid Al Rostamani, Chairman and CEO of Abdul Wahed Al Rostamani Group, Michel Ayat, CEO of Abdul Wahed Al Rostamani Motors, and Salah Yamout, Executive Director of Operations at Arabian Automobiles, in a move in line with the Dubai government’s vision aimed at strengthening the emirate’s position. It is a prominent global destination in the sports sector, and at the same time reflects the company’s efforts, achievements and continuous community support.
It should be noted that Shabab Al-Ahly Club is currently leading the UAE Professional League, with 25 points, after achieving 8 victories in 11 matches.
Al-Ahly Youth Club and “Arabian Automobiles” expressed their pride in the partnership relationship that binds them, within the framework of integrating roles between sports clubs and economic institutions in the country, and in line with the message aimed at supporting various initiatives and national teams, specifically activities and events related to empowering youth and developing their capabilities.


23 DEC 2022