Shabab Alahli Becomes First Team to Win Fujairah Home

Shabab Alahli became the first team to defeat Fujairah at home in the league matches this season, after winning the matchweek 13 of the Arabian Gulf League 1-0 at Fujairah stadium on Friday.

Shabab Alahli finished the first round of the league in the fourth place with 25 points, just six points from the winter champion Sharjah, while Fujairah remained with 13 points in the 11th place.

The two teams played goalless draw in the first half, while Salmin Khamis scored the lone goal in the last minute to give his side the three points.

Shabab Alahli Lineup

Majed Naser Humaid, Abdulaziz Hussain H Mubarak, Mohammed Marzooq Abdulla, Salmin Khamis Salmin, Walid Abbas Murad, Abdalla Ali Hassan (Emiliano Vecchio), Majed Hassan Ahmed, Mauro Diaz, Waled Husain Hassan (Ahmed Abdulla Jshak), Ahmed Khalil Sebait Mubarak (Jaime Ayovi), Luvannor Henrique De Souse

Yellow Cards

Walid Abbas Murad

Waled Husain Hassan

Jaime Ayovi

Ahmed Abdulla Jshak