Shabab Alahli organizes “Friendly” Lecture

The Department of Community Service at Al-Aweer Shabab Alahli Club in Dubai organized an awareness lecture for 11 years under the title “Friendship”. It is part of a cultural awareness program that is presented to all the club’s age stages throughout the season and in cooperation with the Khalifa Program to enable students to build, improve and develop youth talents in the cultural fields. And athletes to be qualified and to the extent of responsibility to achieve the goals and aspirations in all areas present and future.

The lecture was presented by Lt. Col. Ali al-Zubayani, who began by defining the meaning of friendship and that it is a beautiful word that brings together the members of the society. The supreme goal is mutual respect and avoid making trouble with others. The lecturer explained that friendship is based on love, communication, honesty, affection and commitment to others.

The lecture was attended by Dr. Musa Abbas, Director of the Football Academy at Shabab Alahli Club in Dubai. He thanked the Department of Community Service at the General Command of Dubai Police for its role. In spreading the cultural and societal awareness of the fruitful and constructive between the players in the club and the community in general.