Shabab Alahli trashes Emirates 7-0


in an overwhelming show of skill, Shabab Al Ahli demolished Emirates in a 7-0 victory during matchweek ten of the ADNOC Pro League at Rashid Stadium, This win elevated Shabab Al Ahli to 20 points, leaving Emirates FC trailing with just 5 points

The game’s momentum was set from the outset, with Shabab Al Ahli netting three goals within the initial 15 minutes. Guilherme Da Silva initiated the scoring spree 30 seconds into the match, marking one of the fastest goals in the team’s history. Yuri Cesar and Guilherme continued the assault, scoring in the 7th and 14th minutes.


Despite an attempt by Emirates FC’ Hadi Senussi, whose 55th-minute strike rebounded off the bar, the team struggled to gain a foothold. The situation worsened for the Emirates FC after Fahad Sabeel received a red card in the 47th minute.


Shabab Al Ahli’s dominance continued with Yuri Cesar netting the fourth goal shortly after halftime, followed swiftly by Mateus Lima’s strike in the 55th minute.


Harib Abdalla Suhail joined the scoring fest with two goals, in the 73rd and 85th minutes, cementing Shabab Al Ahli’s emphatic victory. This game marks their highest scoring in the Pro League since an 8-1 win against Ajman in August 2015.