Shabab Alahli vs Aldhafra prematch press conference

Gerard Zaragosa Shabab Alahli head coach held the prematch press conference for the first match in the new season against Aldhafra in the first round of the Arabian Gulf Cup, accompanied by Fedreco Cartabia.

Zaragosa started the press conference by stating that it is the second time to held this press conference for the same match, pointing out that the difference is that the they are coming back from AFC Champions League after playing four matches in which the team showed strong character.

The coach assured that the team is ready for the match and will not be affected by the absence of the key players who joined national team camp, beside injured players.

He said: “we have very strong sub bench; there are many players who are ready to play and give their best, we are lucky to have two teams, with the chance to make five substitute during the match we can give more playing chances to prepare all our players”.

From his side Cartabia said: “I am happy to return to the team and to play a new season. I have ambitions, dreams with the team, our next game is with a team that we know well, and we hope to win.”