Shabab Alahli wins Al-Orouba to reach 30 points

Shabab Alahli raised its tally to 30 points in the third place, after winning guest, Al-Orouba 3-1, in the 16th matchweek of the ADNOC Professional League, at Rashid Stadium.

Al-Orouba scored the first goal through Saeed Obeid in the 13th minute, and Mehdi Qayedi scored the equalizer in the 20th minute, in the second half Cartabia scored the second goal in the “64th” minute, and Mohamed Marzouq added the third goal in the “76th” minute.

Shabab Alahli starting lineup included: Majed Nasser, Mohammad Marzouk, Walid Abbas, Abdelaziz Haikal, Badr Nasser, Abdellah Al-Naqbi, Ahmed Nour Allah, Mehdi Qayedi, Cartabia, Hareb Abdellah, Mohammad Juma Eid.

Second half witnessed four changes as, Mohammad Juma Eid, Hareb Abdellah, Cartabia, and Abdellah Al-Naqbi, were replaced by, Yahya Al-Ghassani, Guillerme, Gustavo and Sultan Ali.