Shabab Alahli beats Al Dhafra to reach President’s Cup quarterfinals

Shabab Alahli qualified to the quarterfinals, for the UAE President’s Cup quarterfinals, after beating host Al Dhafra 1-0 at Hamdan Bin Zayed Stadium, the goal scored by Hamdan Al Kamali from penalty spot in the 20th minute.

Shabab Alahli started the match offensively searching for early goal, creating some chances but failed to reach the back of the net.

after 15 minutes from the start of the match, Omar Abdel-Rahman suffered an injury and replaced by the Brazilian Yuri Cesar.

Mehdi Qayedi got penalty after being fouled inside the box, Hamdan Al-Kamali converted penalty to goals in the 20th minute to give his team three points.

Shabab Alahli starting lineup included: Majed Nasser, Mohammad Marzouk, Hamdan Al-Kamali, Walid Abbas, Ahmed Abdellah Jamil, Abdellah Al-Naqbi, Ahmed Nour Allah, Omar Abdel-Rahman, Harib Abdellah, Mehdi Qayedi, Yahya Al-Ghasani.

The match witnessed four substitutions, Omar Abdel Rahman, Yahya Al Ghassani, Hareb Abdellah, Mehdi Qayedi, replaced by Yuri Cesar, Ahmed Khalil, Mohammad Jumaa, Aziz Janif.