Shabab AlAhli Dubai and Al Wasl.. The ambition and return of morale

Shabab AlAhli Dubai and Al Wasl .. The ambition and return of morale

Al Wasl will be a guest of Shabab AlAhli Dubai today on Rashid Stadium at 7:20 pm for the last 22nd round of the Arabian Gulf League of football where it’s enough Al Wasl the owner of the Third place with 38 points to draw in that match, ensure the third place.

With The difference of the direct confrontations of AL Nasr Team if he won Emirates team in the match which are held at the same time.

In the meantime, the match will be without any benefit for Shabab ALAhli Dubai Club, Who enters the match occupied the fifth place with 31 points looking only to win in order to avenge his loss at the end of the first round from AL Wasl with score 3-0, And his exit from the Arabian Gulf Cup because of his loss from Al Wasl with score 2-3 in the semi-final round also in order to achieve a significant moral victory at the end of the season and overcome the psychological bad effects that affected the team after their heavy loss with six clean goals from Al Ain team in the semi-final of the President Cup.


Mahdi Ali, coach of Shabab AlAhli Dubai confirmed that the morale of his players is not good after the recent defeat of Al Ain and he said  : “Our match with Al Wasl, is the last match in this season And we hope to appear with good image as we returned to our training Only before yesterday after the players had a day off.

We have new injuries in the players “Majid Hassan, Khamis Ismail and Mohammed Marzouk”. , And the confrontation remains different for the two teams than their previous confrontation this going season. We seek to improve our image than what we have shown recently and we will give the opportunity to a number of players who we have not yet shown ».

Mahdi continued: «Al Ain has already won AL Wahda & AL Nasr previously with great results in this going season and we certainly are not satisfied with the great loss in the Cup, What we will give on the pitch is what determines the result.

Players must have jealousy inside the pitch and we have to support and encourage them to try to change their image Of what we saw in the last match. Loss is not the end of the world but it’s a lesson to learn from and I learned from my last one.”