The press conference of the semi-finals of the President’s Cup

Mahdi: Our ambitions are great

Mahdi Ali, Shabab AlAhli Dubai Coach wished to make the match between his team and Al Ain match rise up today in the President Cup semi-final technically and massively and be far from any intolerance, because the two teams represent one country and he pointed out that the sport is a winner and a loser and the best will be the one who will win the match.

Mahdi explained: «Motivation for Shabab Al Ahli Dubai is great, because it is the only competition  remain for us, all the players are used to reach the podium & It is their chance to do something in the season.

For us our concentration is great in this match, Although Al Ain will go through this match to win the league but we have bigger ambitions and bigger goals, to come out with a championship in this season. “

Mahdi completed: “The quarter teams are all in the same level and although everyone talk about the ranking and results since the beginning of the season but it keep calculations-off the pitch. The player will determinate the result in the match as much as they are given on the pitch. Sometimes the success is being with you or against you But it always support the most focused team and this does not know only after the referee’s whistle».

Shabab ALAhli Dubai Coach explained that: “We have to focus on this match & do not think about the future as we need to overcome it first and be at the top of our physical and technical focus and we have to be calm under the great pressure that will be on the players and  we have to take advantage from the positives and negatives of Al Ain players and to be ready for anything Including reach the extra time and penalty shootouts from the penalty spot”.

Salmeen: We strive to achieve the championship.

Salmeen Khamis “Shabab ALAhli Dubai defender revealed for his readiness & his teammates to meet ALAin today in President cup Semifinal Match & he said ” From our side, We are ready for the match and able to win and reach the final”.

He added: “ Our match with Al Ain is important, because we have not achieved anything yet. We are exerting our efforts, the team is almost complete and we will implement the coach’s instructions”

And Knights of Dubai defender completed: “We are thirsty for the championship and it’s unfair not to achieve the title under the big names owned by the team and every player will give all his effort till the end and our goal is to reach the final.”

And about the pull and push cases which is usually seen in the matches of the two teams he said: “What happens in the pitch stay inside and after 90 minutes ends off outside the pitch”