Shabab Alahli losses against Alwahda

Shabab Alahli lost against Alwahda 1-0 in the matchweek 21 of the Arabian Gulf League, at Shabab Alahli stadium in Alawir on Wednesday.
Despite the loss Shabab Alahli maintained the second spot with 41 points, while Alwahda moved to the fifth place with 34 points.
Leonardo Desoza scored the lone goal for the visitors in the 17th minute, after Shabab Alahli defense tried to clear the ball from inside the box.
In the second half Shabab Alahli intensified their attempts to equalize, the home side made two changes to strengthen the front, Ayouvi and Ahmed Jashk came in the place of Ismail Alhammadi and Abdullah Alnagbi, the hosts continued their strike but the result didn’t changed and the match ended 1-0 for Alwahda.

Shabab Alahli line up
Majed Naser Humaid, Abdulaziz Haikal, Mohammad Sebil Obaid, Mohammed Marzooq Abdulla, Walid Abbas, Abdalla Ali Hassan (Ahmed Jashk), Emiliano Vecchio, Mauro Diaz, Waled Husain Hassan, Ismail Al Hammadi (Ayouvi), Ahmed Khalil