Shabab Alahli Basketball Team to Camp in Bahrain

Shabab Alahli basketball team departed today to Bahrain, to hold a short camp from 15 to 19 April, as part of the preparations for the Gulf Cup, which will be played in Manama from 20 to 27 April.

The delegation is headed by Zayed Abdullah Zaid Khuwaydem, manager of the basketball team with 16 players, as well as the administrative and technical staff of the team plus one referee.

Eight teams will participate in the championship; they were divided into two groups. Shabab Alahli is in group B alongside with Almanama Bahrain, Alshamal of Qatar, and Alseeb from Oman. Shabab Alahli will face Alshamal  in the first match on 21 April, then Alseeb on 22, and Almanama on April 23.

The quarter-finals will be played on 25, followed by the semi-final on 26 and final on April 27.