Shabab Alahli Qualifies to Quarterfinal of the President’s Cup

Shabab Alahli Qualified to the Quarterfinal of President’s Cup, after winning Kalba 3-0 in the 16th round at Rashid Bin Saeed stadium Sunday night, goal were scored by Jamine Ayovi in 24th minute, Luvanour in 6oth minute, and Emiliano in 89th minute.

Shabab Alahli started the match with massive attack, trying to score early goal, the first chance was for Ayovi who failed to control the cross ball from Ahmed Jashak inside the box, in 24 minute Ayovi headed the ball to the back of the net  after Kalba goalkeeper failed to clear the ball from Abdella Alnaqbi.

In the second half Shabab Alahli continued their attempts to score more goals, and Luvanour scored the second goal in the 60th minute, just one minute to the final whistle Emiliano made it 3-0, after he received brilliant pass from Ahmed Khalil.

Shabab Alahli Lineup

Majed Naser Humaid, Abdulaziz Hussain H Mubarak, Mohammed Marzooq Abdulla, Salmin Khamis Salmin, Walid Abbas Murad(Mohammad Sebil Obaid), Abdalla Ali Hassan, Ahmed Abdulla Jshak(Emiliano Vecchio) , Majed Hassan Ahmed, Mauro Diyaz, Luvannor Henrique De Souse, Jamine Ayovi (Ahmed Khalil Sebait Mubarak).