Shabab Alahli team surpasses Sharjah and completes «gold box»

Shabab Alahli team surpasses Sharjah and completes «gold box»

Shabab Alahli Dubai was qualified for the semi-finals of President Cup, following their exciting win over Sharjah (1-0) yesterday at the match held at the Rashid Bin Saeed Stadium at Ajman Club.

Croatian striker Eric Ante scored the only goal of Shabab Alahli in the 81st minute to complete the ninth title and score the record which he currently shares with the Sharjah team.

Shabab Alahli played with a defensive planning & know how to Win that they achieved with the first victory over Sharjah this season.Shabab Alahli played in the form of Majed Nasser in the goalkeeper, Walid Abbas, Mohamed Sabeel, Mohamed Marzouq, Abdel Aziz Haikal, Habib El Fardan, Magid Hassan, Khamis Ismael, Ismael El Hammady, Anti and Maketi Diop.

The match start equipollent where there were many opportunities from both teams. The most dangerous was Wilton Suarez’s header after a corner that went over Majid Nasser’s stand despite the easy position of the Brazilian who was facing the goal.

In the 32nd minute,Diop sent the ball to the Croatian Anti player who intercept it with his chest, and the ball hit the hands of Sharjah defender Ali Al-Dhahnani so the arbitrator Ammar Al-Junaiby gave a penalty. When Diop was getting ready, the arbitrator reversed his decision after reviewing the video technique.

At the 36-minute Vander hit the ball aiming for a goal when it was stopped by Majid Nasser, before the end of the first half Mohammed Sabil try it too with a superb header that was pushed away by Husseini.

The missed opportunities continued in the second half with a greater risk to Sharjah, Which was very close to opening the scoring in the 64th minute through two consecutive chances, As Saif Rashid sent a ball that Wilton Suarez met with his head and hit the body of Shabab Alahli defender Mohammed Marzouk, the ball went out to a corner which was played by Vander and stopped by Wilton’s head where it hit the crossbar.

Mahdi Ali, coach of Shabab AlAhli made two changes to actvate the attach part by pushing South Korea’s Shang Moon and Daud Ali instead of Habib Al-Fardan and Ismail Al Hammadi.

Although Youssef Saeed get alone with the goal, Majid Nasser the goalkeeper of Shabab AlAhli repelled his shot brilliantly. Luis Marcelo took the place of Saif Rashed in Sharjah in the 79th minute.

Sharjah paid dearly for its lost opportunities, After Shabab AlAhli was reaching the goal,  Ali Al-zanhati push it away with his head, the ball came to Croatia’s Eric Ante, who fired a tricky shot into the net of Adel Al Hosani.

And the Brazilian Vander lob the ball & Majid Nasser went out to drive it away, Mohammed Sobeel almost shot the ball in his own goal by error, but passed by the existing (87).

Hassan Ibrahim participated in the ranks of Shabab AlAhli, Sharjah intensely fired back with Suarez Wilton, But the defenders of Shabab Al Ahli and goalkeeper Majid Nasser blocked all the attempts, before Ammar Al-Junaiby announced the end of the match with a precious and difficult victory for Shabab AlAhli (1-0).