Shabab Alahli wins Ajman to reach cup semifinal

Shabab Alahli qualified for the semi-final of the Professional Cup, after defeating host Ajman 1-0, in the 2nd leg of the quarter-final at Rashid bin Saeed Stadium.

Mehdi Qayedi scored the lone goal in the 32nd minute, with a powerful shot to give his side the lead in the first half, after the break Ajman tried to equalize but they failed to reach back of the net.

Shabab Alahli starting lineup included: Majed Nasser, Hamdan Al-Kamali, Mohammad Marzouq, Ahmed Abdellah Jamil, Abdelaziz Sanqour, Eid Khamis, Ahmed Nour Allah, Carlos Eduardo, Harib Abdellah, Mehdi Qayedi, Mohammad Juma Eid.

second half witnessed four changes as Salmin Khamis, Yuri Cesar, Aziz Janiev, Sultan Alireplaced Hamdan Al Kamali, Mohammad Juma Eid, Eid Khamis, and Carlos Eduardo.

speaking at the post match press conference, Mahdi Ali, the head coach of Shabab Alahli, thanked his players for their efforts, and praised their good performance, noting that the team missed more than eight players, but succeeded to qualify to the semifinal.