Shabab Alahli wins Aldhafra 2-1

Shabab Alahli returned back to Dubai with valuable three points, after beating host Aldhafra 2-1 in the matchweek 22 of the Arabian Gulf League, at Hamdan Bin Zayed stadium.

Shabab Alahli raised their tally to 40 points in the 4th place, while Aldhafra has 20 points in the 11th place.

Shabab Alahli took the lead early in 11th minute through Cartabia from the penalty spot, Shabab Alahli continued its massive attack and created many chances, but failed to score another goal in the first half.

After the break Idriss Mzaouiyani scored the equalizer for the host in the 53rd minute, while Masharepove made it 2-1 in the 67th to give his side the three points.

Shabab Alahli lineup included: Hassan Hamza, Mohamed Marzouq, Walid Abbas, Hamdan Alkamali, Abdelaziz Sanqour, Majed Hassan, Odiljon, Cartabia, Mohamed Juma, Masharepove, Igor Jesus.

The second half witnessed five substitutions, Odiljon, Cartabia, Mohamed Juma, Masharepove and Igor Jesus were replaced by Ahmed Alattas, Carlos Eduardo, Harib Abdellah, Eid Khamis and Yahya Alghassani.