Shabab Alahli with red kit against Al-Ain in the President’s Cup quarterfinals

The coordination meeting for the Shabab Alahli and Al-Ain match in the President’s Cup quarterfinals was held today, at the headquarters of the UAE Football Association in Dubai, the scheduled 6 of March, at Rashid Stadium.

As agreed in the meeting Shabab Alahli will wear the red kit while Al-Ain will appear in white color. Entrance gates for Shabab Alahli fans are 5-6-7, and Al-Ain fans gates 2-3-4.

The meeting was chaired by Ayman Haroun, the match supervisor, in the presence of the club’s representatives, and the match officials: Ahmed Al Kaabi, the match observer, Abdul Rahman Al Jarwan, access coordinator, and Abdullah Al Saadi, the media coordinator.