Shabab AlAhli Dubai dominate the karate titles for men and women

Shabab AlAhli Dubai Club honored the stars of the Karate team after their domination for the titles of the season for men and women in various ages, in the presence of Ali Jassem team supervisor, Mohammed Abdul Aziz, Technical Manager and the presence of General Nasser Al-Razzouqi, President of the UAE Karate Federation Who praised the results of Shabab AlAhli Dubai team this season after they have won many tournaments for both boys and girls and they ended by their winning for the General League shield which was held last Friday.

Ali Jassem “Team Supervisor” praised the team’s impressive results this season Whose results have dominated all championships and this is certainly the fruit of the board’s interest in Karate teams.

He wished the players to continue with the same spirit and performance level that they offered this season, he also thanked the parents for their keenness and follow-up of the players throughout the season by their attendance and constantly encouragement of the players, which was motivated them to win the championships.

The stars of  Shabab AlAhli Dubai team won the General League Shield of Cometa for Men which is consisted of Ahmed Salem – Hamad Salem Al Kaabi – Saadi Abbas – Mohammed Mabrouk , Also Youth team of Shabab AlAhli that included Suhail Salem – Mohammed Al-Shukaily – Zaid Ali Shadan – Mohammed Al Qadrah won the General League Shield of Cometa as well as The junior team that included Abdul Ghani Mohammed, Youssef Essam Al-Banna, Ahmed Ziad, Ahmed Hesham won second place in the Karate General league.

At the women’s level, the team which is consisted of Fatima Salem-Nadine, Maram Ziad, won the General League Shield for Cometa, Also Girls’ team which is composed of Fatima Salem – Nadine Hossam – Jana Mohammed – Lian Jamil, won the General League Shield of  Cometa.

The Club teams continued their domination for all championships by winning the girls’ team of the General League Shield of Cometa and team was included Mariam Abdullah Al Balushi, Geni Mohammed, Lian Jameel, Jude Khairis.

The women teams added the Shield of the General League for girls in the team which was included Fatima Abdullah – Sheikha Mohammed – Nour Khairy