Shabab Alahli tops the first round of Omar Bin Haider Karate Championship

The Karate team at Al-Ahli Youth Club took the lead in the overall standings of the first round of the Omar Bin Haider Championship, which was unveiled the day before yesterday, at Al-Ahli Club Hall, Al-Mamzar Branch, with the participation of 209 players representing 11 teams. Dental stages.

Al-Ahli came top after winning four gold medals, winning gold kata competitions for women and «juniors 2» and youth, before the fourth gold came in competitions Kumite «juniors 2», while came second with three gold team victory after the players tightened their grip on Kata’s “Junior 1” and “Junior 2” competitions went alongside the Kumite Junior Women’s Gold, and the Sharjah Individual Games Club came in third place after winning the men’s and women’s Junior Kata Gold.

The First Vice President of the International Federation and the President of the UAE Karate Federation, Major General Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al Razouki, accompanied by Assistant Secretary General of the Karate Federation Hamid Shams, members of the Board of Directors of the Federation, and Vice Chairman of the Board «Mohammed Omar bin Haid» Dr. Hessa bin Haider, and General Manager of the group Abdul Salam Kayyali, winners.

The Karate Federation announced last week the birth of a new championship within its annual agenda, under the name «Omar bin Haider», to be held from the first two rounds in the championships of the Federation season «2018-2019», and the results of the tournament allows players and clubs rankings within the accounts Win the shield of general excellence, to be held again rounds of the championship on the third of May next.

For his part, the First Vice-President of the International Federation of the UAE Karate Federation, Major General Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al-Razouqi, said the success of the tournament, said in a press statement after the coronation ceremony, that «the tournament was the result of continued cooperation between the Federation and the group (Mohammed bin Omar bin Haider), which has become a permanent partner The Karate Federation, especially as the tournament on the agenda of the season provides an additional platform in the competition in the title of the shield of general excellence, in addition to being a competitive space reflected positively on the development of the level of competitiveness that is in the interest of national teams ».

Dr. Hessa Bin Haidar, Vice Chairman of Mohammed Omar Bin Haidar Group, said: “All economic groups in the UAE are invited to play their leading and societal role in supporting the UAE sports. In a tournament that has seen organizational and competitive success at the highest level. “