Ten man Shabab Alahli wins Al-Wahda 1-0

Ten-man Shabab Alahli defeated Al-Wahda 1-0 in the first leg of the Pro League Cup semi-final, at Rashid Stadium, the lone goal scored by substitute Gustavo in the 80th minute.

two teams, will play the 2nd leg of the semifinal at Al Nahyan stadium, on March 8, and the result of the two matches will determine the winner.

Shabab Alahli defender Mohamed Jaber was sent off in the 73rd minute.

Shabab Alahli starting lineup included: Majed Nasser, Walid Abbas, Mohammad Jaber, Abdelaziz Haikal, Badr Nasser, Abdellah Al-Naqbi, Ahmed Nour Allah, Mehdi Qayedi, Cartabia, Mohammad Juma, Olsen.

Gustavo, Harib Abdellah, Salmin Khamis, Yahya Al Ghassani and Majed Hassan, replaced Mohammad Juma, Mehdi Qayedi, Abdellah Al Naqbi, Olsen and Cartabia.

Speaking in the post-match press conference, our head coach Mahdi Ali congratulated his players on winning the match, stressing the need to improve a in the coming matches.