Mahdi Ali: we know the match is important

Speaking at the prematch press conference, Mahdi Ali Shabab Alahli head coach confirmed that his team is ready for the first match in the AFC Champions league, stating that first match is the most important because it motivate players more in case of winning.

Mahdi Ali: “we have very little information about the opponent, but will try our best in the game, we prepared the team well, after some injured players recovered and join the team, in football you have to focus and deal with all opponents carefully and with full respect.

Our team captain Majed Nasser who accompanied the coach in the press conference said: “will enter the match with full focus, fasting may affect sometimes, but we have experience and can play normally in Ramadan”.

He added: “our goal is to reach the second round we respect our opponent and will do our best to get the desired result”.