Shabab Alahli signs Gustavo Oliveira & Kayque Soares

Shabab Alahli Football Company announced singing of the two Brazilian players, Gustavo Oliveira 19-year-old, from Club Sport Recife, and Kayque Soares 18-year-old. Both were registered within the resident category.

The contract with the players comes with the contribution and sponsorship of the club’s strategic partner and platinum sponsor, AW Rostamani Group – Nissan, which aims to support the team in the current season 2021-2022.

Sponsoring the deal of the two players comes within the framework of partnership with the sport clubs and private sectors to developing capabilities to achieve the highest levels of excellence in sport sector.

On the side the club expressed its gratitude to the AW Rostamani Group – Nissan, in appreciation of its continuous support for sports and athletes, and its keenness to cooperate with the club, to contribute, with other sponsors, in achieving remarkable successes for the first football team and the under 21 years team.