Shabab Alahli vs Alain prematch press conference

Gerard Zaragosa Shabab Alahli head coach held the prematch press conference heading to matchweek 2 of the Arabian Gulf League against Alain on Friday accompanied by Fedreco Cartabia.

The coach stated that it is an important match between two big and strong teams, know each other well, since both teams played official matches in AFC Champions league and won the first match in the local league. He added that coaches and players like to play and participate in this kind of matches.

Gerard explained that in big matches the final say is for the players inside the pitch because the coaches will not play, pointing out that both teams have great players, and he has confidence in his team and their capabilities to achieve the  result we looking for.

“for sure this match is important because it is against one of the biggest teams, but it is like any other match with three points,  we are going game by game, and always concentrate on the next match and try to win” said the coach.

Commenting on the introducing some new faces he said: “am giving chances to the young players, because they deserve to be in the starting lineup, we have 30 good players, half of them are experienced and the other are talented, the player who is ready and can give ,more will get the chance.”

Cartabia who accompanied the coach in the press conference said: “the match is important for us, it is against strong opponent, we respect Alain as they respect us, we will do our best to win and make our fans happy”.